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You won't find a better irrigation company in Rockwall, TX

On the growing list of household chores, watering your lawn might fall by the wayside. Luckily, The Irrigator Zone can help with that. We're the preferred irrigation company in Rockwall, TX. We're up to the task if you need irrigation system repairs, replacement or installation.

Speak with one of our professionals today to learn more information about our irrigation services.

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Why you'll want an irrigation system

Your yard could benefit from being regularly watered. Installing an irrigation system is also a good idea because you can:

  • Boost your home's value
  • Preserve your soil's nutrients
  • Save money
  • Use the correct amount of water
  • Reduce weeds, fungus and plant diseases
  • Maintain a beautiful yard
  • Avoid having to water your lawn

We offer a variety of irrigation services - from repair to replacement - so you can always count on us when you need help.

Get your free estimate when you touch base with us at 214-715-8756 today.

More about The Irrigator Zone

Irrigation installation and repairs require precision and knowledge. That's just one of the reasons why we're the best choice in Rockwall, TX. Clients also choose our family-owned and -operated irrigation company because we:

  • Are licensed
  • Rely on over six years of experience
  • Produce high-quality results
  • Offer memberships

We guarantee that you'll be impressed with our company and the final product.

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If your sprinklers are not turning on you might need to check your wires and valves. You could have a short wire or poor wire connections at your valve or controller. Also your valve or valve silinoid could not be functioning anymore.


If your sprinklers are not shutting off it could be that your valves opening gate is stuck open or your controller is sending mixed signals to your valve through the electrical wires and is not allowing it to shut off.


There are many different kinds of leaks, main line leaks, sectional pipe leaks, valve leaks and head leaks.

Main Line Leak- For these kinds of leaks you will have continuous non stoping water gushing out even after turning off your controller/timer.

Sectional Pipe Leaks- For these kinds of leaks you will have water gushing only when you turn on one specific zone on.

Valve Leaks- This is the second most common type of leaks your sectional valve will be leaking water either from its silinoid or from its leading pipe, This is cause by poor pipe connection.

Head Leaks- This is the most common type of leak and easiest to identify, you will seem to have water leaking from the spot your sprinkler head is usually located at.


If you have an on going leak and the leak doesn't seem to stop, even after shutting your Controller/Timer device off. Your house or property should have a big green box that is about 6 by 12 inches big. Inside this box you should find your anti siphonage and or back pressure device (Double Check). This device should have shut off valves at each end which you can turn clock wise to shut the water access to you sprinkler system.

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